The Always Staggering Prices for Super Bowl Tickets

Last week I took a look at Super Bowl 2013 tickets and how the prices have moved over time. The average selling price as of 1/18 was $3,186 but as of 1/22 that has dipped a bit to $2,893 following a flurry of ticket buying after this weekend’s games established the competing teams. In addition the average listing price has dipped below $8K ($7,966) for the first time in weeks.

The $2,983 average is notably close to the $2,900 average from the 2012 Super Bowl which shouldn’t be that surprising but supports the hypothesis that Super Bowl hysteria is matchup agnostica.

Click the above link for the full story. I also —and though admittedly biased —encourage you to use SeatGeek if you are thinking about buying tickets to the Super Bowl. The comparison shopping from aggregated tickets across 100+ sites has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time, on top of providing invaluable peace of mind by eliminating any worries about getting ripped off or scammed.

SeatGeek’s Super Bowl Event Page With Interactive Seating Chart


Check out SeatGeek for Super Bowl tickets.

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