Fascinating Pics of a Girl After Brain Surgery / Brain Resection

Side headshot after brain surgeryA week ago my sister – the aforementioned “Girl” – went through her third and final brain surgery which involved extracting a piece her brain in the frontal lobe to eradicate her epilepsy (seizures) and the after brain surgery pictures are amazing. So far the surgery seems to have gone as expected and my sister has regained full cognitive and physical function with no apparent signs of seizures or negative impacts from the surgery.

This of course is what my family expected and hoped for; but what we did not expect was the beautiful, fascinating, mesmerizing, adjective, adjective, etc. pictures that came to be as a result of the brain surgery.  You can probably infer what a brain resection is, but just to make sure, the doctors literally cut-open your head and take out a piece of your brain, a f*cking piece of your brain – it’s crazy.  Update: as my Dad pointed out to me I “forgot part about cutting, removing, and replacing part of the skull…” That was the first part of her 3 surgeries.

Enough text, here are the (dare I say epic?) pictures with which I will apply the pseudo-artsy-intellectual title of “Girl After Brain Surgery“:

back and front headshot with scar

headshot after brain extraction surgery

post-brain surgery pic

post-brain surgery 3

headshot with scar

My album is like Leon Phelps’ car, because that sh*t doesn’t exist, but if it did, one of these would by on the cover.

All images used with permission of the photographer

  1. These images are seriously amazing. Powerful and very inspiring, forever showing the advancements in technology and medical achievements.

  2. Love you little brother… I would have loved to see these pics before the surgery, hopefully someone going through a brain resection surgery will get to see these before surgery. :razz:

  3. Definition as semi-regular seizures is a little off. In the week after my first surgery and was hooked up to EEG I had over 90 partial complex seizures in a week.

  4. Melissa Robbins

    What amazing pictures! I’m so glad everything worked out. Carrie has been in my prayers. And..who knew she would sooo beautiful bald?

  5. Thank you so much for your empathy for your sister. Facing the same surgery just wanting to know what I was up against. Did the search found your sisters pictures. Thanks to your sister for allowing you to post the pics. she is very brave and thanks to your family for understanding its not like having your wisdom teeth out!

  6. <3 beautiful. i had over 10 brain surgeries myself. in sept of 2010 i was in a bad car accident. i cut my head really bad which made my brain swell. so they had to do a cranoplasty which was that they took half my skull off. i was in a coma and on life support for 2 weeks. after all the surgeries it was like being reborn. i had to relearn EVERYTHING. i was in a wheel chair for a year. i was wearing diapers at one point. but you are still very beautiful. <3 God Bless.

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