Google Proves Once and For All That Drake is Soft as Fuck

Why was I googling this? To find a funny picture to make fun of someone with. Also note personalized search was off.

We Have To Go Derper – You Mean Deeper?

we have to go derper you mean deeper

Nice variation of the inception variant of the derp meme.

Premature Facebook Aziz Ad?

Damn, Beacon Theatre is already advertising for the 6/16 Aziz Ansari show. First of all they should no that’s the Ultimate Warrior’s Birthday, and not to schedule an event on that day. I guess this is indicitave that Steez Aziz is even more on fire than ever.


The Best of SportsNation’s 101 Most Disrespectful Basketball Moments

Yesterday I watched SportsNation’s 101 Most Disrespectful NBA Moments and it was everything I hope for (though I could have used even more Iverson). They did a really good job of picking the set of videos to show and a reasonable job ranking them. With that said, there were definitely some misrankings and their were some clear standouts which I have presented videos for below. They speak for themselves so I won’t write too much. Enjoy.

10. Send It In Jerome

9. Iverson Jordan Crossover

8. Reggie Miller Gives Spike Lee the Choke Sign

7. Pippin Dunks Over Ewing

6. Michael Jordan takes a free-throw with his eyes closed

5. Randolph Childress Cross-over on UNC

It is key to note the hand taunt he hit’s him with right after he drops him.

  • 4. Vince Carter Dunk Over Weis

    3. Shaq Dunks On Chris Dudley then Pushes Him

    Note this was #1 on the official list.

    2. Steve Francis Excessively Clowns The Defender

    It’s actually listed as the 4th best in this list of the 10 best Steve Francis plays.

    1. Shawk Kemp Dunks And Points

    Honorable Mentions

    Jordan dunks on Mutombo and finger waves

    Reggie Miller Bows vs. Chicago

    Melvin Levett Incrdeible Putback Dunk

    Allen Iverson Drops Antonio Daniels

    LeBron Dunks Over John Lucas

    Ismail Muhammad dunks Over Engin Atsur

    Baron Davis Posterizes Kirilenko

    Nate Robinson Blocks Yao Ming

    Baron Davis Behind The Back Crossover

    Dwyane Wade’s Crossover on Eric Snow

    Vince Carter Over Alonzo Mourning

    Shay Shine’s dunk

    Allen Iverson Crazy College Dunk vs. UConn

    Blake Griffin Over Mozgov

    LaPhonso Ellis with the Monster Block!

    Dahntay Jones Duke and Pushups

    Vince Carter over Tim Duncan in college

    Indiana State Dwayne Lathan thunder

    Michael Jordan Dunks on Patrick Ewing

    JaVale McGee’s ridiculous block of Wesley Matthews

    Kemba Walker Hits the Game Winning Jumper for UConn Over Pitt

    9. John Starks the Dunk

    Vince Carter ON Dikembe Mutombo

    J.R. Smith dunk on Gary Neal – Spurs @ Nuggets 12/16/10

    Kerry Kittles Dunk on Providence

    Kwame Alexander Superman Dunk

    Lebron James Dance Party

    Read more about it >

    Danny Green Dunks All Over Paulus at Cameron Indoor

    Jason Williams Freezes Gary Payton

    Corey Brewer Monster Dunk On Derek Fisher

    Charles Barkley Amazing Blocks on Ron Harper

    Kobe Dunks Over Ben Wallace

    Vince Carter Huge Alley-Oop Dunk at UNC

    Iverson Over Lue