Melbourne Commercial Song from Australian Open 2011

UPDATE: They have changed the song for this year’s 2014 Australian Open. I wrote about the brand new (and almost as good) Melbourne commercial song here > (spoiler: it’s by Ali Barter)

If you are like me, you have been watching the Australian Open and wondering what is the song from the Melbourne commercial?

Well after Shazaam, SoundHound and a quick Google search failed I had to do a little more digging and figured it out:

Holly Throsby – A Heart Divided

If you liked this, you will probably also enjoy the French Open Commercials song, check it out.

Song from the Australian Open commercial on Youtube

Melbourne commericial song on Grooveshark

Holly Throsby Pic

Holly Throsby who sings the melbourne commerical song

A Heart Divided Lyrics (from the commerical)

I want to know
I want to know what you know
I want to go
(Where do you go? Where do you go?)
I want to go where you go when you’re gone

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  1. This seems like the top of song where you could add some drums/synths to the beat, mute most of the vocals, change the pitch or tempo of a few of the lyrics being sung for a hook, and make a dope rap song.

  2. Typo, meant to say “…type of song…”

  3. Keith Robert Meredith

    Holly Throsby …Thanks. This is so wonderful & refreshing. Please let me know where to find more about you and your music… It has taken me since the OZ open to find you…Stop hiding…You have a great talent. Keith

  4. Hey Chad, thanks for doing the research on this song. I’ve been looking for it also during the Aussie Open.

  5. thanks for finding this!!

  6. misunderstandings « mixed with gold - pingback on January 26, 2012 at 10:11 pm
  7. thanks…my 5 year old and i love it. and of course we’ve been watching the best game in the!

  8. who is the girl in this commercial!? the one that has the milk on her lip.

  9. Thanks Chad! Beautiful song … glad to hear more of it …

    Thanks again!

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